As part of the education and learning function, a range of specialist teams support and improve outcomes for children, young people and their families in schools in Bracknell Forest. The service targets young people and their families who may be in need of additional support working in partnership with schools and other agencies.

Services work with schools by offering an extensive range of products and services to help schools establish ways to assess and plan effective interventions to meet the needs of individual pupils, groups of pupils and their parents, carers. Our range of services helps not only to identify the root causes of systemic issues and pupils’ difficulties, but also proactively in identifying areas for early intervention. For example, whether high levels of absence, challenging behaviour or poor family relationships are areas of concern, our approaches are designed to ensure any subsequent provision is more likely to have a greater and faster impact.

Education and Learning can support maximising the impact of any intervention by helping schools to plan and work at a management level, scrutinising school policies and embedding practice.

The services can be accessed by schools contacting the team leaders.

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