Service description

Healthy emotional wellbeing and positive behaviour for all children and young people.

The service provides support, advice and guidance to schools on how they can best meet the needs of their pupils with Social, Emotional and Mental Health difficulties (SEMH), in order to enable them to learn successfully alongside their peers.

Key service priorities

  1. to develop staff awareness of the behavioural needs experienced by pupils with SEMH
  2. to build capacity in schools, empowering and developing skills of staff through consultation and training
  3. to provide direct work interventions with individuals, groups and cohorts of pupils
  4. to promote a holistic, inclusive approach, where schools, pupils and parents / carers work in partnership
  5. to build resilience in both pupils and staff
  6. to promote healthy emotional wellbeing for all

The core support services for all Bracknell Forest maintained schools (funded through de-delegated budget)

  • support for the creation and review of Behaviour Support and Positive Handling Plans
  • meetings with key staff to advise and assist with support for individual cases, groups and cohorts
  • carrying out observations of pupils and providing a report which incorporates recommendations for consideration
  • advice and support for transition programmes from primary to secondary, including the provision of resources and training for staff
  • debrief support following serious incidents where Restrictive Physical Intervention has been used (Team Teach)
  • 1:1 intervention programmes tailored to the specific needs of pupils
  • interventions for small groups, whole class or whole year group
  • attendance at team around the Child and Family meetings

NB: Training is NOT included in our core support services.

Schools not maintained by Bracknell Forest may purchase any of the Core Support Services.

Benefits of working with us

  • a professional, qualified and highly skilled team of specialists
  • experienced Team Teach trainers
  • a wide range of intervention programmes
  • a wide range of training packages for staff
  • a strong collaborative link with a range of services
  • training for Teachers, Teaching Assistants and other school staff, to increase awareness of pupil’s needs and social / emotional aspects of their learning, including de-escalation training
  • pupil’s needs met in an inclusive learning environment
  • an increase in positive behaviour, social interaction and emotional self-regulation

If you would like to discuss behaviour support for your school or an individual pupil then please contact us. Tel: 01344 354250 or email

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