The EAL team

The EAL Team consists of a specialist teacher who is available to assess and directly teach children with EAL. Children are identified by their school as being recent arrivals or who are struggling in class. EAL Teacher provides assessments across all key stages from FS to KS5. EAL lessons focus on Year 4 to Year 11. EAL Teacher also offers IGCSE ESOL as an option in our secondary schools.

Schools may make a referral for an initial assessment of a child who has recently arrived and is learning English. The initial assessment will identify the literacy skills in the child’s home language; the child’s family language background; their speaking, listening, reading and writing ability in English and their ability and level in maths at time of assessment. Further assessments are available should the child not make expected progress.

About the service

The service includes:

  • provision of Initial assessment of new arrivals; plateauing advanced learners; and those with SEND & EAL
  • direct teaching for individual children in 6 week blocks each term
  • provision of resources bespoke for each individual child
  • in-service training for all school staff (teachers and learning support assistants) on EAL best practice
  • provision of advice and support to the school EAL co-ordinator, class teachers and learning support assistants
  • termly Network Meetings at OLC – CPD for all EAL co-ordinators to cascade to staff
  • NQT training

Quality of service

We provide a quality service by meeting the following criteria:

  • immediate email response to referral – dedicated assessment slot each week to make sure schools receive prompt assessments
  • EAL Teacher is highly qualified and experienced in the field
  • high quality reports and resources are provided quickly after assessment
  • all reports are bespoke and contain strategies, resources, advice and support for staff and parents
  • EAL Team Liaison with other professionals and EAL Teacher undertakes CPD to make sure best practice is being adhered to and subsequently shared with teaching staff across the borough

Contact details

Diana Gray
EAL Teacher

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