Educational psychologists apply psychology (evidence based theory and research) within schools and the community in order to support the improvement of outcomes for vulnerable children as well as working with others to create environments where every child can achieve. Educational psychologists work with school staff, parents and carers and other professionals to support children’s learning, development and emotional well-being.

We also have a statutory role in providing psychological advice (in the form of a report to the local authority) as part of any education health and care plan assessment (EHPC) process undertaken for a child. In our work within schools we seek to work collaboratively with others to facilitate a problem-solving process, which involves gathering evidence from a variety of sources, identifying appropriate interventions and reviewing them.

How we work

Work within schools

Consultation SLA including core service delivery

All schools buying into this service have a link educational psychologist who provides regular consultation sessions throughout the year for key members of staff. By buying into this service this also means that schools can request the direct involvement of  the EPS  to carry out in-depth work (see below) as well as the EPS contributing  to other key LA activities which relate to schools (e.g. contribution to Fair Access Panel, TAC meetings).

During termly consultations, school staff decide what concerns/issues they wish to raise for discussion and this can occur without the identity of a child being shared.

In-depth work

As part of our core function a certain amount of time is set aside for us to work within schools so that more complex situations (at an individual or group level) can be considered in more depth.

Schools are asked to submit requests for direct involvement to the EPS by a deadline each term so that they can be considered collectively by the whole team. Schools can request involvement according to a variety of activities (e.g. in depth consultation, observation of individual or group or individual assessment). 

Monitoring and review of children with statements (and EHCPs going forward) within mainstream schools

This involves scheduled consultations involving school staff and parents for key transition year groups (2, 5 and 8) in order to highlight progress, any issues which may require specific interventions as well as ensuring practice is guided by clearly identified outcomes and person-centred planning.

Traded services

In addition to the above, schools can request to buy in additional services they wish to purchase individually as outlined. These include, for example, training and assessment (please see SLA for further details). These are arranged by request and schools should request these by contacting the EPS via email or telephone.

Local authority wide services currently on offer

Emotional literacy support assistant (ELSA) training

The ELSA project is an initiative designed to build the capacity of schools to support the emotional needs of their pupils from within their resources, recognising that children learn better and are happier if their emotional needs are met. Following continued demand and interest in this course, the next ELSA training delivered by Bracknell EPS will commence in October 2018 and run on the following dates.

Wednesday 3 October
Wednesday 17 October
Wednesday 31 October
Wednesday 14 November
Wednesday 28 November

The training offer is subject to interest and requires a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 25 participants per cohort. There are a limited number of spaces still available for this course. If you would like more information then please contact Lyn Slade directly to register your interest in receiving training on 01344 354016 or by email to

ELSA training includes:

  • 5 full days training spread during October and November 2018 (lunch will be provided)
  • 4 group supervision sessions following the
  • 5 days training (one session per half term, each session lasting approximately for 2 hours)
  • a copy of ‘Emotional Wellbeing: an introductory handbook’ will be provided for each ELSA (RRP £30)

Training is offered at a cost of £550 per ELSA.

Training is offered at a cost of £550 per ELSA.

Further information

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