The school funding framework reflects government policy and is subject to reform, the purpose of which is to ensure the system:

  • is up to date and reflects the current demographics of pupils across the country
  • targets additional money to pupils who need extra support to achieve
  • is consistent and pupil-led so that, wherever a pupil goes to school, he or she will attract similar levels of funding
  • is transparent so that parents, head teachers, governors and tax-payers can see clearly how funding has been distributed and why
  • gives pupils (supported by their parents and carers) genuine choice about which school they attend

The key elements of the framework at the moment are:

There are complementary local requirements that schools must also comply with that are governed by the Scheme for Financing Schools. The most significant supporting documents are:

  • contract standing orders
  • contract standing orders tick sheets (note there are 2 tabs to this,  and schools will ordinarily need to use ‘Supplies and Services’)
  • procurement manual 
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