The information in the Common Assessment Toolkit supports professionals to facilitate the process. The materials are generic and do not contain any information regarding specific children or young people.

Professionals can download and print any of the documents listed below.

You will find a number of materials, designed to help you in delivering a quality, purposeful service to any child, young person and their families requiring this process. You will also find suggested web links to aid the assessment.

Should you require any further information please contact the CAF Co-ordinator.

Early intervention hub

If you have completed a Family CAF or CAF it may be that the needs identified require support from a range of agencies. The practitioner will discuss this with you and with your agreement send it to the Early Intervention Hub. The Early Intervention Hub includes the CAF Team and a range of professionals who meet regularly.   Please see the Early Intervention Hub leaflet which gives you more information about the process.

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