Bracknell Forest Council is committed to providing schools with high quality, value for money, responsive services that meet schools’ needs. We have a strong record of providing highly professional services that schools value and it is our intention to continue to do this, and to improve the quality and range of our offer wherever possible.

Schools are invited to sign up to service level agreements for a variety of council services (currently over 30), usually for a three-year period. Schools’ views of the services they buy back from the council are monitored via an online survey conducted every 3 years.

In most cases the council’s services will offer better terms than could be obtained by individual schools. All these arrangements are fully in compliance with EC procurement regulations, the council’s contract regulations and procurement manual (available on DORIS) and hence there is no requirement to seek further competition if using these arrangements.

Schools are however free to buy services from whichever provider they feel is most appropriate. It is important that schools remember the need in all cases to comply with the council’s contract regulations and procurement manual.

Benefits of buying from Bracknell Forest

The benefits of buying from Bracknell Forest Council are:
  • we are committed to supporting schools in making the best use of their budget and raising educational standards
  • services are delivered by officers with knowledge and understanding of the local context and needs
  • we have a track record of high quality, value for money services
  • services are delivered within appropriate national and local regulations and in accordance with best practice
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