The council has a legal duty to promote sustainable travel to and from school. Active forms of travel such as walking and cycling are a great way to build physical exercise into daily routines. They also help reduce congestion, especially in the morning peak, which benefits us all.

We fulfill our obligation to promote sustainable travel in a number of ways:

  • encourage schools to implement measures that promote sustainable travel, these measures are often formalized in a school travel plan
  • provide information and resources, running campaigns and incentive schemes
  • implement highway improvements which encourage sustainable travel modes
  • provide cycle training

Useful guides and leaflets

The following resources are available for temporary loan:

  • ‘Walk to School’ banner for use on the school site
  • pedometer packs with accompanying lesson plans

Using data collected from the annual school census, the council can provide each school with a map showing where pupils live and how they travel to school upon request. However, for this information to be of any use, it is important that parent responses to the annual school survey are kept up to date.


The council promotes a number of events throughout the school year which encourage, promote and incentivise walking and cycling to school:

  • Walk to School Week
  • Bike Week

Tax-free bike scheme for school staff

The council has a scheme that can help you get a bike for cycling to, from and for work. If you are aged 18 or over, and have a contract of employment of at least 12 months, you are eligible for the scheme, which can provide savings of around 30%. Please read the Frequently Asked Questions about the scheme and download a poster to put up in your staff room.

School travel plans

Virtually all local authority schools in the borough have implemented a school travel plan (STP). We believe STPs to be the best way to monitor and review the work schools are doing to promote sustainable travel initiatives. We encourage all schools to review their plans on an annual basis. If you need help to update your school travel plan please contact the council.

Curriculum resources

Sustainable travel can be linked to various subject areas of the curriculum and there are a number of resources available online that can support this. For further information visit Travel Matters or Sustrans.

Useful websites

There are lots of websites that address the issue of sustainable travel to school and provide free resources and ideas to promote walking and cycling. Below are a couple of suggestions:

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